Funa mamimumemo 

生年月日: 1984年10月21日

  Date of birth: 21th Oct. 1984

出身地: 三重県鈴鹿市
  Place: Suzuka-city in Mie ''JAPAN''

職業: クリエイター

  I'm a creator. 





I like pattern and color.
I draw and paint picture.





彼女が本格的にアート活動をはじめたのは2011年。便器に絵を描く 「便器アート」をしたことが地元で話題となり、その後グループ展や個展などに繋がるきっかけとなった。



Funa-mamimumemo was born and raised in Mie Prefecture. While she didn’t take much interest in drawing as a child, she attended an arts high school at the recommendation of her middle-school art teacher. Her speciality in high school was oil painting, but after graduation she turned to ballpoint pens because they allowed her to casually create sketches wherever she went. Her drawings are subtle and abstract, ranging from early scrawlings inspired by the Cubism of Picasso to the more refined style she employs today. Funk, soul, R&B, and fusion jazz are her main source of inspiration. The artist who has influenced her the most is Yayoi Kusama, whose creations continue to stimulate her work.
Her career as an artist began in earnest in 2011, with a series of drawings on toilets entitled “Toilet Art.” It became the talk of the town in her community, and led to a string of individual and group exhibitions. A turning point came when she suddenly lost one of her closest friends. Bereaved, she threw herself into her work. She painted relentlessly, every single day, in search of a hope to live by. She swallowed her sadness, insecurity, and negativity, converted them into energy, and used it to create positive art. The culmination of this sustained period of productivity was “Light of Hope,” a private show she held in Fall 2013. It was a huge success.
On countless occasions she has turned away from the world of art, exhausted by the intensity of her creative process, but she can never stay away for long. Drawing is her calling, dictated from on high. Her desire is to inspire whoever sees her art with a sense of hope. Through collaborating with fashion designers and musicians, she also hopes to bring art closer to our daily lives. This is her dream.



  • エッセイ「うち、新型うつ病やねん!!」を出版
  • 地元のバンドのCDジャケットのイラストを手がける



  • 20th DESIGN EXHIBITION 2011 第20回 三重県デザイン協会 デザイン展 出展
  • 焼肉たらふく(白子店)にて便器アート
  • 飯田グループ発行のフリーペーパー「すずかっぴ」「あいえちゃん」のキャラクターイラストを手がける



  • 三番街の夕日2012 出展
  • 松阪三社祭りポスターイラストを手がける
  • 亀山サンシャインパークで初個展8Days



  • おでかけかめやまにて、東海道ふな祭り参加
  • かめやま美術館にて個展



  • おでかけかめやまにて、東海道ふな祭り参加
  • 大阪Nu茶屋町にてグループ展 出展
  • 阪急うめだ本店にてグループ展 出展
  • のんびり〜と(飲食店)にて個展
  • アクアイグニスにて2人展



  • ART Lab OMMにて、グループ展RECOMMEND 08 "FASHION"に出展
  • 東急百貨店クリスマス・メインビジュアルのイラストを担当


  • 亀山大市にて福袋販売
  • 道の駅 関宿にてグループ展「ゆるいちいさなえかきのParty」出展
  • ニューヨークのブルックリンにてグループ展 出展


  • 小山田美術館にて個展 予定